Your Enterprise WordPress Support Plan

This WordPress website maintenance
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Are looking for the technical half to your marketing team?

Our team knows where all those tracking codes and pixels go, how to integrate with third party marketing systems, and how to get a landing page up in time for that paid campaign.

Need hands-on assistance with your WordPress site?

We’ll be the development half of your marketing team, your dedicated account manager is there to guide you every step of the way. We’ve done it all, so let’s work together to achieve your goals.

Want peace of mind?

Don’t let your customers be the ones to tell you your site is broken. With our WordPress website maintenance services let us worry about your site. If something goes wrong, we’ll know about it first and are already working to fix it.

How it works and what's included

1. Initial Setup

This is our "get to know you" and tool setup process. During this step, we make sure you have the basics covered by running a full assessment of your site and specifically looking into the following:

  • Ensuring your WordPress plugins and software are up-to-date
  • Confirming your website is secure and clean (i.e. no evidence of malicious code)
  • Reviewing the overall construction and code of your website to identify potential challenges you may encounter in the future
  • Evaluating your hosting environment and whether it can support your business goals
  • Crafting a detailed roadmap that will document the steps necessary for managing your website and tackling your future marketing initiatives
  • Build a staging environment and setup proper workflows to ensure all future projects are created, reviewed, and approved in a clean duplicate of your live site
  • Addition of WordPress website maintenance services

2. Daily

Once our systems are set up to alert us to any critical issues, we'll follow up with any pertinent items as they're uncovered. Our tools provide continuous monitoring across the entire health of your website. This includes the following:

  • Performing full backups of your site
  • Conducting comprehensive malware and malicious code scans
  • Reviewing potential blacklisting and other search rankings concerns from Google
  • Tracking website uptime to ensure continued access
  • Monitoring domain and nameserver status including SSL and DNS record changes
  • Watching website indexing and XML sitemap to ensure complete accessibility to Google

3. Monthly

Every month we'll make any necessary plugin and core WordPress updates to your site. This includes any security-related plugin releases the moment we're notified of a potential threat to your website. This monthly update process consists of the following:

  • Copying your site to your staging environment where we'll run all available updates
  • Reviewing the website on staging to confirm there are no errors or compatibility problems
  • Duplicating the upgrades on live
  • Re-review the website on live to confirm there are no errors or compatibility problems
  • Running a broken link scan and providing a listing of any issues found
  • Reviewing Google Analytics to ensure traffic is registering properly
  • Reviewing tool settings for any irregular patterns that should be addressed

4. Ongoing

If an issue should arise, we conduct detailed logging and report generation to help get to the bottom of the problem. This includes the following:

  • Secure management of documentation and logins
  • Up to 2 hours of service for problem remediation (i.e. site down, malicious attack, etc.)
  • Regular reviews of site against industry best practices and WhatArmy Minimum Standards
  • Screenshots of your homepage and other key pages to monitor visual changes of your site
  • Site & database size reviews for any major changes
  • Google speed & usability testing (mobile & desktop) to ensure your site is never below standards
  • CDN review to ensure that your site is being cached properly
  • Logging of all standard and custom metrics for historical tracking and troubleshooting

5. Dedicated Account Manager

All of our Enterprise clients are assigned a highly-skilled, dedicated Account Manager that will serve as your primary point of contact during our partnership. Your Account Manager will be available to help with all site-related tasks, facilitate communications, answer questions and plan all special projects.

During our work together, your Account Manager will ...

  • Know your website history and business goals, taking that into consideration when planning all projects
  • Make detailed recommendations to help you achieve your goals based on industry best practices
  • Prioritize work within your monthly/yearly budget so that you can get the most value out of your website
  • Be available to you via email and phone during our standard business hours.

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