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Shopify vs Shopify Plus: What Are the Differences and Which One Should You Pick?

If you are a small business looking to launch or expand into eCommerce, you’re likely asking yourself,  Shopify vs. Shopify Plus, which one do I need?  Like all great things, it depends. Read on to learn why.

Did you know that 20% of all sales are online? Better yet, did you know that Shopify was created as a way to sell snowboards? It doesn’t matter how it was started, Shopify allows you to sell your goods online with little or no effort. They have 2 plan levels, Basic Shopify, which includes 3 separate plans and Shopify Plus, the granddaddy of them all.

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Shopify vs Shopify Plus

The main difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus is the extra features. Shopify Plus has additional features that enterprise-level companies can harness to further their online sales.

Below is a description of the additional features and how they can help your business.

1. A Launch Engineer

If your company likes the concierge service, this is the program for you. Shopify offers many avenues of support and you can always upgrade if your company issue requires it.

With Shopify Plus, you have that built in, and an individual to contact when you have issues.

1. A Launch Engineer

2. Unlimited Staff Accounts

If you are a large organization with lots of staff, Shopify Plus is for you. Shopify’s core plan limits the number of staff accounts, which makes management difficult if you are large. In Shopify Plus, there is an unlimited number of staff accounts.

On the other hand, Shopify Plus allows you to add unlimited staff accounts and enables additional permission settings. You still have complete control through the staff admin role.

2. Unlimited Staff Accounts

3. Check Out Control

If you are an entrepreneur, control is an issue Shopify Plus helps. It gives you the control to target your high end, high-spend customers. You can also customize many of the other custom fields.

In the core Shopify program, you will need to use specialized apps to make the same customization. Those apps come at an additional price.

3. Check Out Control

4. Lots of API Integrations for Shopify Plus Users

API’s allow you to integrate third-party apps into your website. Shopify Plus includes additional resources like GiftCard use. Besides having the opportunity to integrate existing apps, you can also create your own apps to meet your unique needs.

4. Lots of API Integrations

5. Exclusive Applications

Shopify Plus comes with exclusive applications that are not part of the core Shopify program. This includes Wholesale Channel, Shopify Flow, Launchpad, and a Script Editor to manage customers’ purchase experience. There is also a transporter app to import customer data and a Bulk Account Inviter to import from another platform.

You may want to consider Shopify Plus if you are migrating from another online sales platform because of its power.

5. Exclusive Applications

6. Unlimited App Integration

If you are in a unique marketplace, you should explore the integration options available through Shopify Plus. For example, Shopify Plus has warehouse management software, global fulfillment center partnerships, and 3rd party logistics.

They also integrate with inventory tracking software making invoicing easier.

6. Unlimited App Integration

7. Wholesale Channels for Shopify Plus

As you grow, you will find that more of your customers will want to purchase in bulk. Shopify Plus allows for wholesale channels.

A wholesale channel allows you to create a password-protected site for wholesale buyers, where you can create custom price lists, send invoices, track orders and seamlessly integrate B2C and B2B in one place.

7. Wholesale Channels

8. Merchant Success Program

This is a unique resource exclusively for Shopify Plus. The Merchant Success Program provides 24/7 support, a team that stays on top of industry trends, and helps you to take advantage of all that Shopify has to offer. In addition, the Merchant Sucess team can help you host special sales events like a Flash Sale.

8. Merchant Success Program

9. Fully Integrated Dashboard

Shopify Plus has created an integrated dashboard to manage all of your Shopify accounts in one place. The dashboard gives you a complete picture of your business at one time.

The dashboard includes views to look at the staff and user permissions, analytics, and stores. This is similar to Shopify Flow. This function improves workflow and teamwork.

9. Fully Integrated Dashboard

10. In-Depth Analytics

In today’s modern purchasing arena, the more you know about your customers the better you can target your marketing to their purchasing behaviors. Shopify Plus provides a higher level of data collection and a better display of analytic information.

The core Shopify program also provides analytics, but they are much more basic.

10. In-Depth Analytics

11. Low Price for Shopify vs High Price for Shopify Plus

You get more with Shopify Plus but you do pay for it. The core Shopify program is a flat rate, regardless of your sales. This allows the new entrepreneur to budget costs.

Shopify Plus charges approximately $2,000 per month minimum or 0.25% of sales volume per month (capped at $40,000), whichever is greater. In order to get an exact cost for your company, you need to speak to a sales specialist.

11. Higher Prices

12. Other Resources

Shopify Plus also has unique resources like the Merchant Success Program, a Facebook community, Shopify Plus Academy, and a partnership directory. These resources allow you to push your company to the next level.

12. Other Resources

After you have taken the time to learn the additional features provided by Shopify Plus, it is easy to determine if you need them to support your business. The choice of Shopify vs. Shopify Plus ultimately comes down to your company’s needs.

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